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Theodore Wolfley, Jr., Deputy Director
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Happy New Year 2024

2024 promises to bring additional programs. Paper Bag Ladies of Rochester will continue to focus on assisting those who need to work in identifying interpersonal strengths, mental health goals and general wellness and personal stability. We offer a variety of online programs as well as in person programs which include open studio art, farming, hiking, and creative writing. In addition, we have a forest and nature program available for those seeking inner peace and reflection. All programs are of no cost to participants.

Land of Misfit Toys
November 1, 2023 - January 6, 2024
A program where we collect used toys and redistribute to inner-city children in Rochester, NY so they have new adventures.
Crochet Project
September 2023 - Ongoing
This outreach program provides hats, scraves, gloves and socks that are either new or hand-made which are then distributed to persons in need.

Discussing the Issues 2022

Lit Review 2 - Monster
Jillian Miller
Right off the bat, I wish that we had gotten a little more backstory about Aileen's childhood and whatnot. I was able to do some research and found out what a rough time she had growing up, but it would have been relevant to show it in the movie. I think it's kind of weird that Selby didn't question anything, and the broken-down truck just sort of became irrelevant. I also think it's a little weird that they changed the name, because in real life Selby's name is Tyria and that information can be found quickly. Charlize Theron did an absolutely amazing job with this role.. more...

Lit Review 1 - Girl in the Box
Jillian Miller
Right away, I don't like Cam. He said, “She didn't give me a choice. I told her not to scream.” You ALWAYS have the choice to not kill someone. It's not that hard to not kill people, I do it every day. So much has changed since the 70s. I feel like women are much more careful about hitchhiking now because of everything that has happened and all the women that have been murdered. This is the third movie like this that I’ve written a lit review for and I can't even imagine having to act in these roles, let alone living it. It must be so traumatic just having to act out these events. more...

Literary Review #1: Goodfellas
Chris Kurdziel
As I mentioned Henry first involved himself in a life of crime at the age of 12 when he started doing small jobs for members of the Lucchese crime family. His first arrest was when he was 16, now in the movie they depict it happening that he was selling stolen cigarettes for Jimmy Conway and he was busted for stolen property; In reality he was arrested for trying to buy new tires for his boss with a credit card that happened to be stolen. It is believed that this first arrest was a setup by his boss to see if Henry was loyal and could be trusted with more important work, and since Henry didn’t say anything or give up any names he was released and congratulated by his criminal employers. After that day, the rest of his life was solidified with the crime family. more...