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Theodore Wolfley, Jr., Deputy Director
(585) 362-6386
Happy New Year 2021

And we remain very busy. We had over 1000 toys and items go out for Land of Misfit Toys., Thanks to all that left things for us to distribute. Some new and enhanced self help virtual material has been added to the link section of this website to assist persons who may not be able to resume programs. January 15th we begin our weekly sandwich at Liberty Pole Way, Contactless of course. Manasses House is busy assisting parents and caregivers for the entire year 2021 who may need birthday gift assistance for their children. The outdoor wellness programs also begin January 15th, at no cost. We go on guided meditation walks and wellness tours. Must wear a mask.

For 2021 we continue to offer as many outdoor programs as possible which include crocheting, guided meditation, strength building and toning. People might feel they ned a small bit of respite time from their lives to feel refreshed and able to deal and cope with the significant pressures in and within these stressful times.

I Remembered the Boy with the Yellow Pail

Fall 2011

We went to the beach and had a picnic

I held your small hand as we braved the waves washing our feet while balancing on the rocks

I heard you laugh

I laughed with you

You held my hand so tight, and you are so small and the water is so voluminous

I love you so very much.

Later, we went on a makeshift picnic and had crack and peel peanuts.

You really believe that the squirrels are coming for you, and that I should call the Easter bunny to tell them you have peanuts. That is some world you live in, and I am glad to be part of it.

Suddenly, this woman came over and asked ?did you have a flowered bag? Because you left it under the picnic table?. We all said yes and thanked her. I was just so happy she said ?I thought it was you as I remembered the little boy with the yellow pail?.

I was so happy. My whole life many have never remembered me or tried to forget me. Here we are and you are the little boy with the yellow pail to her, and the world to me.

Sometimes I wonder if you will ever remember me, or is the autism going to rob us. Or is the autism going to just continue to provide us a fantasy world, where there isn?t any blood pressure pills, cholesterol issues, poor economies, foreclosures and all the things that everyone gets wrapped up in yet, doesn?t make a difference to you

The boy with the little yellow pail. Call the bunny. The waves. Your small hands. My heart is full.