Jennifer Wolfley, Director of Outreach Services
(585) 748-8490 after 9:00 pm
Theodore Wolfley, Jr., Deputy Director
(585) 362-6386
Happy New Year 2024

2024 promises to bring additional programs. Paper Bag Ladies of Rochester will continue to focus on assisting those who need to work in identifying interpersonal strengths, mental health goals and general wellness and personal stability. We offer a variety of online programs as well as in person programs which include open studio art, farming, hiking, and creative writing. In addition, we have a forest and nature program available for those seeking inner peace and reflection. All programs are of no cost to participants.

Land of Misfit Toys
November 1, 2023 - January 6, 2024
A program where we collect used toys and redistribute to inner-city children in Rochester, NY so they have new adventures.
Crochet Project
September 2023 - Ongoing
This outreach program provides hats, scraves, gloves and socks that are either new or hand-made which are then distributed to persons in need.

The Whisper's Group, which is a facilitated peer support group for women that have been victims of child sexual abuse.


The Incarceration Writing Project, which is a publishing mechanism for incarcerated and post-incarcerated persons to explore their feelings and determination through writing poetry, prose, fiction, memoir and autobiography,.


Presenting Abigail Burrows, featured author for 2020.

A Fire Within

Past Authors

Beyond the Sea of Time
House, Lolita

Given Up
Smith, Pamela

I Am Your Disease
Rivera, Maryann

I Need You
House, Lolita

Smith, Pamela

Lost in the grips of the city
Berke, Stacey

My Secret Crush
House, Lolita

Partial Glimpse Of The 1971 Attica Correctional Facility Inmate Uprising and Its Afteermath
Mancuso, Alfred

Spend Some Time with Me
House, Lolita

Spider's Web
Sarton, May

The Struggle
Bodine, Alicia

To Let Go
Sarton, May

Bodine, Alicia