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(585) 748-8490 after 9:00 pm
Theodore Wolfley, Jr., Deputy Director
(585) 362-6386
Happy New Year 2021

And we remain very busy. We had over 1000 toys and items go out for Land of Misfit Toys., Thanks to all that left things for us to distribute. Some new and enhanced self help virtual material has been added to the link section of this website to assist persons who may not be able to resume programs. January 15th we begin our weekly sandwich at Liberty Pole Way, Contactless of course. Manasses House is busy assisting parents and caregivers for the entire year 2021 who may need birthday gift assistance for their children. The outdoor wellness programs also begin January 15th, at no cost. We go on guided meditation walks and wellness tours. Must wear a mask.

For 2021 we continue to offer as many outdoor programs as possible which include crocheting, guided meditation, strength building and toning. People might feel they ned a small bit of respite time from their lives to feel refreshed and able to deal and cope with the significant pressures in and within these stressful times.

Little Pink Boots

Written for Officer Kate, Fall 2011

Little Pink Boots, we saw you sit so quietly

Perched in the living room, not flinching or wiley

After a rock went through your window and your mother frantic

Because of someone else's temper, caused this potentially dangerous antic

Little pink boots what are you thinking? As all of the adults around you are screaming

And Officer Kate is gathering her information, you look on without hesitation

Little pink boots, is your life like this every day?

Chaos, mayhem and distress before and after you go out to play?

And what about the old lady Officer Kate had in tow?

A worn out case worker who has left the auditorium a long time ago

How will your life be in 20 years Little Pink Boots?

When you have watched tempers, police, caseworkers, disharmony and despair?

Those little pink boots, so pristine and worn with flair

Will a light shine in the hole of your window, even after the glass is replaced?

Or will it all continue to happen, the poverty, shame and disgrace.

Little miss pink boots may god bless you everyday

As I hope your childhood lets you play instead of pay.