Jennifer Wolfley, Director of Outreach Services
(585) 748-8490 after 9:00 pm
Theodore Wolfley, Jr., Deputy Director
(585) 362-6386
Happy New Year 2024

2024 promises to bring additional programs. Paper Bag Ladies of Rochester will continue to focus on assisting those who need to work in identifying interpersonal strengths, mental health goals and general wellness and personal stability. We offer a variety of online programs as well as in person programs which include open studio art, farming, hiking, and creative writing. In addition, we have a forest and nature program available for those seeking inner peace and reflection. All programs are of no cost to participants.

Land of Misfit Toys
November 1, 2023 - January 6, 2024
A program where we collect used toys and redistribute to inner-city children in Rochester, NY so they have new adventures.
Crochet Project
September 2023 - Ongoing
This outreach program provides hats, scraves, gloves and socks that are either new or hand-made which are then distributed to persons in need.
Molly Long uses her internship for CRJ Major 2024 by organizing items for Spring Rochester Pop-up Free boutique.

2024 Outreach Valentine Cookie Project

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Areas of Concern 2024
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Adults: Impact, Comorbidity, Risk Factors, and Treatment
Suggested material for further investigation submitted by Devansh Lnu, 2023 Reasearch Associate
On AI, Child Labor, and the Tech Industry Investigations.pdf
Suggested material for further investigation submitted by Braedon Brown, 2023 Reasearch Associate
Kaitlynn Clement, fall 2023 intern is providing program supports for outreach.
Paper Bag Ladies of Rochester is offering no cost contemplation refreshments and snacks 8 to 10 pm for the next 5 evenings for those suffering PTSD.

Please pm for address.
Please feel free to share.
No questions asked.
No religion.
Just safe space to privately reflect on whatever.


Paper Bag Ladies of Rochester continues to provide resource, referrals for anyone on the streets who needs assistance getting help from human trafficking. We continue to work with children that need support, especially that are impacted by the crime that affects many on the streets of Rochester.


Programs provided online include:
  • Online support services and referral services
  • Free resume services
  • Phone calls for support
  • Daily prayer and goal check in
  • Meditation and spiritual care


In Person Programs Include:
  • Outdoor meditation and spiritual care.
  • Studio and Open Art Workshops (all materials provided)
  • Deep Breathing and PTSD Management
  • Portable lunch and outdoor reconciliation meditation
  • Hiking for Peace and Resolution
  • Poetry and Creative Writing Wellness Seminar
  • Short Story and Prose Seminar
  • Wellness Brunch and Spiritual Planting and Gardening with meal provided
  • Meditation and Guided Nature Observatory with meal provided.
  • Please note: All programs and services are at no cost. All in person programs are outdoors, all weather, all year.


The Paper Bag Ladies of Rochester is an established Outreach Program developed by Chaplain Jennifer Wolfley.

photo by Joel Dilone

An Outreach Program which speaks to the significant workings on the street for women that are disenfranchised on the street and isolated through incarceration.


Presenting the photography of Joel Raskin

Goals and Objectives
To provide health and wellness workshops.
To provide information and referrals to those seeking food, clothes and shelter referrals.
To provide access and information to meet short term goals such as emergency housing placement and counseling services.
Chaplain Jen has one to one appointments at no charge for women who need mentoring in anxiety management, ptsd management and sexual exploitation aftercare. Materials and referrals provided as well as listening time.
Contact Chaplain Jen at 585-748-8490 or
Available immediately.