Jennifer Wolfley, Director of Outreach Services
(585) 748-8490 after 9:00 pm
Theodore Wolfley, Jr., Deputy Director
(585) 362-6386
Vision: 20/20 2020
Taking first 10 applicants that have failed Drug Court in Rochester, NY. Applicants will be able to receive immediate services to determine individual service plans and needs assessment, appropriate programs and support.
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Tess Friedel 2020 RIT CRJ Intern!

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Keeping positive during Covid-19 in 2021!!!!


Summer 2020 Covid-19 Response: Somali Refugee Donation Project. Underway and going well.

RIT Research 2020

Manasses House of Rochester at 12 Corners, which is a respite center for parents and caregivers of seriously ill children.




Professor/Chaplain Jen now offering outreach on Lyell Ave., Jefferson Ave., Ave. D and the Upper Monroe Ave. corridor.
Please call for location and appointment.
Continued research to include these four topics: "The Secondary Effects of Trauma on the First Responder", "The Anatomy of Crisis", "The Medicinal Value of Creativity and Art" and "Understanding Victimization as a Social Science", as I will hold several national and global web-based internet workshops, at no charge.

The Paper Bag Ladies of Rochester is an established Outreach Program developed by Chaplain Jennifer Wolfley.

photo by Joel Dilone

An Outreach Program which speaks to the significant workings on the street for women that are disenfranchised on the street and isolated through incarceration.


Jennifer Wolfley is proud to announce that The Paper Bag Ladies of Rochester is now in the
Directory of Services for Victims of Human Trafficking.
Goals and Objectives
Provide AIDS and HIV prevention and education. Provide successful partnerships for HIV/AIDS clients in-service coordination and referrals.
Condom distribution and safe-sex education.
Provide information regarding personal safety, emotional well-being, drug use education and rehabilitation.
Provide access and information to meet short term goals such as emergency housing placement and counseling services.
Chaplain Jen has one to one appointments at no charge for women who need mentoring in anxiety management, ptsd management and sexual exploitation aftercare. Materials and referrals provided as well as listening time.
Contact Chaplain Jen at 585-748-8490 or
Available immediately.