Jennifer Wolfley, Director of Outreach Services
(585) 748-8490 after 9:00 pm
Theodore Wolfley, Jr., Deputy Director
(585) 362-6386
Happy New Year 2024

2024 promises to bring additional programs. Paper Bag Ladies of Rochester will continue to focus on assisting those who need to work in identifying interpersonal strengths, mental health goals and general wellness and personal stability. We offer a variety of online programs as well as in person programs which include open studio art, farming, hiking, and creative writing. In addition, we have a forest and nature program available for those seeking inner peace and reflection. All programs are of no cost to participants.

Land of Misfit Toys
November 1, 2023 - January 6, 2024
A program where we collect used toys and redistribute to inner-city children in Rochester, NY so they have new adventures.
Crochet Project
September 2023 - Ongoing
This outreach program provides hats, scraves, gloves and socks that are either new or hand-made which are then distributed to persons in need. || Paper Bag Ladies of Rochester

Course Videos
CRIM.100.01 - Seminar in Criminal Justice CRIM.110.11 Introduction to Criminal Justice CRIM.230.01 - Juvenile Justice
CRIM/WGST.245.01 - Prostitution and Vice CRIM/WGST.265.01 - Women and Crime

CRIM.110.11 Introduction to Criminal Justice
Week 1
welcome to introduction to criminal justice
Booking Office and general feelings when meeting one that is coming into the system
Week 2
the homeless shelter
urban surburban and rural prostitution
Week 3
arthur shawcross
always be mindful of the questions you ask
High on Crack Street Lost Lives in Lowell 1995
Frequent flyers
Pandemic Chronicles Increase in Shootings and Stabbings
Pandemic Chronicles it all changed so fast
Week 4
what is outreach and the professions what does it really mean to meet people where they are at
Intro to Criminal Justice...I tell you all about jail
Crimes against children within family systems jon benet ramsey cas
dealing with systems - melanie
Pandemic Chronicles Internships for credit and non credit but be a superstar to and for the voiceless
Pandemic Chronicles No Visits Everything was on hold
Week 5
Everyday aftermath Jennifer 2014
Pandemic Chronicles Domestic Violence
Pandemic Chronicles Natalie and Kenny Predatory Pathology in the Midst of a Crisis
Week 6
Effective Justice
Bullies and Targets
Experience vs text book
Pandemic Chronicles Gangbangers and Daily Life
Pandemic Chronicles Lorraine Mike and Juice Box Paradise
Week 7
bullies and targets 2
Communicating In and Out of Jail
Pandemic Chronicles The Lifestyle from Birth to Death in Rochester
Pandemic Chronicles Birthday Club and delivering the right services at the right time for the right
Week 8
foster care and criminal justice
Gender bias in prison
human trafficking and violence at its worst
Ins and outs of evidence
Pandemic Chronicles Jane and Walmart Paradise
Pandemic Chronicles Sweet Melissa
Week 9
no means no
once an addict always a addict
Pandemic Chronicles Have Funerals and Temperaments Changed
law enforcement reactions
Week 10
politics of crime-melanie
sexual abuse in prison and jail
Pandemic Chronicles The Softening of Incarcerated Persons and the Persons that Work With Them
Once the door is shut - melanie
Week 11
who is a victim and who is an assailant
why women kill
words by Ms Nicki - behind bars
Week 12
words by Ms Nicki - why people don't call police
2017 thoughts on attica and cheese and cracker snacks
2017 thoughts on groveland correctional facility nothing like sunny yellow paint.
2017 county jail and drinking_ dead sally
everyday drug traffickers 2017 pills pills and more pills
Week 13
2017 Preparing to go to jail or prison costs money
2017 reentry populations
inmates as lovers_ friends_ community members 2017
Week 14
2017 thoughts on gang life
2017 - my full report on what neighborhoods in Rochester face
Week 15
commentary and cases in dv issues
gangland style
Human Trafficking In Monroe County - A Need To Know Special
Prof Jen lead in for Planned Parenthood video
pic law change
shame and shakedown
Tale of 2 wives
the aftermath-melanie
Professor Jen story
september 2017 the differences between prison and jail and noodles
Lesson on CBT
How much personal history can we forget